PhD studentship on multimodal imaging


Diagnosing the Masses – Molecular pathology through multimodal mass spectrometry imaging.

Position Filled – we look forward to welcoming Danielle McDougall to the group.


Jo’s Graduation

Jo Graduation

A typically sunny day in Manchester!


Dr Joanna Denbigh

Congratulations to Jo on successfully completing her PhD ‘Lipidomic and Metabolomic Analysis of Biological Response Mechanisms in Cancer Cells: A Multidisciplinary Approach’.

Jo starts a post-doc in the area of mass spectrometry imaging in collaboration with Adam McMahon’s group at the Wolfson Molecular Imaging Centre.


Irma’s Graduation

Irma graduation

Dr Irma Berrueta Razo

Congratulations to Irma who has passed her PhD entitled ‘Molecular imaging of mouse brain tissue using Cluster Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry’.

We wish her well as she leaves for Dave Castner’s group at the University of Washington.

Paper – Water cluster beam imaging of brain tissue

Open AccessOpen Access

Mass spectrometric imaging of brain tissue by time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry – How do polyatomic primary beams C60+, Ar2000+, water-doped Ar2000+ and (H2O)6000+ compare?

Irma Berrueta Razo, Sadia Sheraz (née Rabbani), Alex Henderson, Nicholas P. Lockyer and John C. Vickerman
Rapid Commun. Mass Spectrom. 29 (2015) 1851–1862

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Visit to Hyogo University

Nick visited the groups of Drs Moritani and Toyoda at the University of Hyogo, Himeji, Japan, who work extensively with gas cluster ion beams (GCIBs) for materials processing and analysis.  He gave a presentation on our ion yield enhancements with the water GCIB source.

Visit to Osaka University

Nick visited the groups of Prof Terada and colleagues at Osaka University, who are developing high resolution ToF mass analyzers and applying them in SIMS, SNMS, MALDI and FAB.  He gave a presentation on our instrumentation and methodology development and discussed laser SNMS theory – he also had the opportunity to view some moon samples returned by the Apollo 15 and 17 missions.

Presentation in Kyoto

Nick gave an invited presentation at a meeting in Kyoto, Japan, organized by Prof. Jiro Matsuo. The subject was tissue imaging with cluster ion beams

Presentation at SISS-17 Tokyo

Record attendance at the ‘SIMS and related techniques’ meeting SISS-17, Seikei University, Tokyo. Nick gave an invited talk on the subject of our recent Analytical Chemistry paper.

Welcome to Andres

Welcome to Andres Galindo who joins the group to study biotechnology applications of ToF-SIMS and DESI.  Andres is co-supervised by Prof Sabine Flitsch.

SARC on Twitter

We’ve joined the Twittersphere!

Follow @SARCUoM to hear the latest developments in SIMS, and associated research, from the group and other items of interest.

PhD presentations

Well done to Afnan, Giles and Jo for their contribution to the final year PhD talks.  All three did very well.  Jo was awarded second prize in the MIB session!

Welcome to Samar

Samar Aldossari joins the group to work on NanoSIMS imaging of cells.  She will be jointly supervised by Dr Katie Moore in the School of Materials.

Paper – SIMS—A precursor and partner to contemporary mass spectrometry

SIMS—A precursor and partner to contemporary mass spectrometry
John C. Vickerman and Nicholas Winograd
International Journal of Mass Spectrometry (2014)

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