Where are they now?

Former Group Members

If you notice that someone is missing or you have more up-to-date information, please let me know. We’d be interested in having photographs too.

If you would like to get in touch with someone, let me know and I’ll see if I can arrange it.

Email: alex.henderson at manchester.ac.uk

Karen (?)no information
Nina AasFormer President of the Norwegian Chemical Society. Works at Statoil Research Centre in Trondheim (2008)
Hemlata Aggarwalno information
Samar AldossariStill in the research group
Afnan AlnajeebiStill in the research group
Mark ArcherTeaching in Rio de Janeiro (2012)
Emily ArmitagePost-doc at Universidad CEU San Pablo, Madrid [see here] (2012)
Matt BakerSenior Lecturer in Chemistry, University of Strathclyde [see here, or here] (2016
Andrew BassResearch Assistant in the Department of Nuclear Medicine and Radiobiology at The University of Sherbrooke, Canada. [see here] (2007)
Irma Berrueta RazoStill in the research group
Greg BiddulphWorking for Hiden (2009)
Bob BordoliPassed away October 2000 - obituary
Andreas BoronicolosPassed away in Athens 2011 [in memoriam photo]
Mark BriscombeResearch student for Andrew Masters, CEAS, Univ. Manchester (2012)
Alan BrownWorking at CSMA Ltd (2007)
Vikki Brown(Vikki Carolan nee Brown) Vikki is a Senior Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam [see here] (2016)
Jayne BurnsTeaching at Stoke-on-Trent college and Denstone college (2010)
Jean-Claude CanryWorking at CSMA Ltd (2007)
Juan CardenasWorking at Northern Research Institute Narvik AS, Norway [see here] (2013)
Sara CartmelTeaching science for over 17 years (2013)
John CaulfieldLives near London and works at Rothamsted Research as a mass spectrometrist [see here] (2013)
Steve Chapmanno information
Ben CliffLaboratory Director at Intertek in Teeside (2013)
Xavier ConlanAssociate Head Of School at Deakin University, Australia [see here] (2016)
Sarah CoultasWorks for Kratos Analytical in Manchester selling XPS instruments [see here] (2007)
Nathan DaviesWorks for EPSRC in Swindon (2007)
Joanna DenbighPDRA at Wolfson Molecular Imaging Institute [LinkedIn] (2016)
Gail Duncumno information
Nick DunhillOwns and runs the Blue Moon Café in Sheffield [see here] (2006)
John Eccles Intellectual Property Manager in the Technology Transfer Office at University of Salford (2013)
Giles EdwardsStill in the research group
Alan Espieno information
Rebecca FindlayJoined the Forensic Service (~2000)
John FletcherAssociate Professor (Docent) at The University of Gothenburg, Sweden [LinkedIn] (2016)
Andres GalindoStill in the research group
Heather GambleWorking for Unisearch Associates in Canada (2005)
Ehsan GaziWorking at the Porton Down Research Centre (2016)
Achim GoschnickPassed away 2007. Previously at Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe in Germany (2007)
Gareth HamptonLeft group in 2011. [LinkedIn]
Alan HareRetired analyst, living in Bishop's Stortford [see here] (2008)
Christine HarendtWorking in the Institut für Mikroelektronik Stuttgart (IMS CHIPS) since 1988 [see here] (2012)
Peter HeestermanMoved to the Oxfordshire area around 2000. May be working at JET.
Doug HendersonOwns/runs a management development business in Cumbria - DHA Management Development (2016)
Alex HendersonStill in the research group
Dawn HerridgeWorked for Corus in Scunthorpe in 2000 [see here]
Steve HibbertRuns a plumbing firm with his father (2005)
Katherine HollywoodStill in the research group
Sally HubbardMay still be at the University (2009)
Paul HumphreyWorking for ThermoFinnegan in the Manchester area (2013)
S. Tajammal HussainBelieved to be in Pakistan
Joan Irono information
Edward JacksonWorking at a hospital in London (2011)
Dave JohnsonWorking at Manchester Metropolitan University [see here] (2016)
Emrys JonesWorking at Waters [LinkedIn] (2016)
Harald JungnickelWorks at the Institute for Risk Assessment, Berlin [see here] (2012)
Gabriel KarrasPDRA in France (2013)
Felipe KesslerVisitor from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Now returned to Brazil.(2013)
Jeanette KordysWorks for patent firm in Germany (2009)
Helen KotzeMedical Scientist at RB [LinkedIn] (2016)
Laura LaiAssociate Professor of Chemistry, Hong Kong Baptist University [see here] (2007)
Chris LawrenceJoined Thales Alenia Space (France) in 2001 [LinkedIn] (2013)
Graham LeggettProfessor at Sheffield University [see here] (2013)
Chris LeightonWorking as a software contractor for the financial sector. Based in Eakring, Nottinghamshire (2009)
Susanna LiuNow Susanna Yong. Teaching Chemistry at Altrincham Grammar School for Girls [see here] (2008)
Nick LockyerStill running the research group
Alessia LongobardoReturned to Italy. Teaching somewhere near Milan. (2012)
Konstantin Lozhkinno information
Danielle McDougallStill in the research group
Marwan MesallamChairman / CEO of Jordan Aluminium Tubes Mfg Co, Jordan [LinkedIn] (2013)
Jimmy MooreWorking for a machine learning company in Singapore [LinkedIn] (2014)
Gemma MoreaWorking for Philadelphia Quartz in Warrington [LinkedIn] (2016)
P.C.O. Nzeluno information
Angela OakesJoined Proctor and Gamble in late 1990s
Andy Pantonno information
Matt ParfittPassed away in 2002.
Alan PaulWorking at CSMA Ltd (2007)
Emma PawsonJoined Cussons in late 1990s [LinkedIn] (2016)
Alan PiwowarWorks for Dow Chemical in Washington, USA [LinkedIn] (2016)
Philippos PomonisProfessor in The Department of Chemistry University of Ioannina, Greece (2013)
Sadia RabbaniNow Sadia Sheraz. [LinkedIn] (2016)
Ian RansleyDirector of Mass Spectrometry, SGE Analytical Science, Australia [see here] (2009)
D B Readno information
Nicola ReedNow Nicola Jones. Marketing Manager at EMR, Warrington. [LinkedIn] (2013)
Bahij Sakakinino information
Debo Sannino information
Elaine ScrivenerEuropean Field Applications Scientist at Cell Biosciences [see here] (2010)
Peter SharpeWorks at the Open University (2004)
Steve SmithWorking for Waters [LinkedIn] (2016)
Pedro SojoDirector of the School of Chemistry, Central University of Venezuela [site] (2013)
Inma Suarez-LopezWas working for STMicroelectronics in Milan in 2006, now believed to be back in Malaga (2012)
Dave SurmanWorks for Kratos Analytical USA (2007)
Pete SutcliffeEmigrated to New Zealand and is currently Divisional Planning Manager for Progressive Enterprises (2008)
Andy SwiftSenior VP for Intertek Caleb Brett [see here] (2007)
Ewa SzulaStill in the research group
Charlotte ThompsonNow Charlotte Hamblet. Works as a science lecturer at Nelson and Colne College. (2013)
Hua TianPost-doc with Nick Winograd in Penn State [photo] (2012)
Ian TindallTechnical Director of Cerulean [see here] Photo in this article (2007)
Seetharaman VaidyanathanSenior Lecturer in the Department of Chemical and Process Engineering, The University of Sheffield [see here] (2007)
Jaap van den BergProfessor at Salford University [see here] (2007)
John VickermanRetired in 2015 [LinkedIn] (2016)
Daniel WeibelWorking at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil [see here] (2013)
Robin WestOwns and runs Winnats Scientific Services [see here] (2009)
Rod WilsonIn London working for an X-ray machine manufacturer (~2000)
John WolstenholmePreviously worked for Thermo Scientific (formerly VG Scientific) in East Grinstead. (2013)
Steve WongWorking for Waters Corp in Singapore [LinkedIn] (2016)

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