Major Research Grants

1981 to date


2013 BBSRC Application of single cell metabolite profiling to optimisation of stem cell bioprocessing. AJ Dickson (PI), KE Cosgrove, MJ Dunne, R Goodacre, NP Lockyer: £564k, [more information…]
2012 EPSRC Novel ion beams to enhance ionization in molecular secondary ion mass spectrometry. JC. Vickerman, NP Lockyer: £261k, [more information…]
2012 BBSRC Quantitative Nanoscale Imaging of Trace Elements in Biological Systems. Nicholas Lockyer (PI), Adam McMahon, Kaye Williams: £119k, February 2012 to February 2013. [more information…]
2009 EPSRC A new dynamic in mass spectral imaging for biological systems. Vickerman (PI), Lockyer, Fletcher: £740k, June 2009 May 2012. [more information…]
2007 EPSRC Collaborating for Success Through People Award Enhancing new developments in ToF-SIMS through researcher exchanges. Vickerman, Lockyer, Webb (Surrey) £110k [more information…]
2006 Cancer Research UK Feasibility Study on the detection of boron by SIMS and Laser PI as part of a BPA Pharmacokinetics Study. Vickerman and Lockyer £16k
2005 EPSRC Critical Mass Award (with Surrey University) – New Developments in ToF-SIMS Surface Mass Spectrometry with ATR-IR Spectroscopy. Vickerman (PI), Lockyer, Gardner, Horn, Goodacre (Manchester), Webb and Kirkby (Surrey). 1 October 2005 to 30 Sept 2009. £2m. [more information…]
2004 BBSRC A High Resolution ToF-SIMS Microscope for Biology. Vickerman (PI), Lockyer, Goodacre and Kell. 1/08/04 to end 2007: £428k. [more information…]
2003 EPSRC The development of ToF-SIMS for Metabolomics, S.G. Oliver (PI), J.C. Vickerman, N. Lockyer and H.H. Jungnickel. July 2003 to June 2004. £71k [more information…]
2002 NPL – three years grant in aid of research – £21k.
2002 GlaxoSmithKline – three years EPSRC CASE student support – £30k
2000 EPSRC Life Sciences Interface – Vickerman, Lockyer and Stephens, Development of ToF-SIMS instrumentation and methodology for chemical microscopy of cellular systems. June 2000 to June 2003. £312k [more information…]
1999 EPSRC – Leggett and Vickerman Fabrication of a new Generation of Molecular Nanostructres using SNOM-based Photolithography, 1 Jan 2000 to 31 Dec 2001. £207k [more information…]
1999 NERC with Dr Andrew Horn, University of York – ATR-IR and Static SIMS Studies of Heterogeneous Atmospheric Chemistry 3 years – PDRA at York, Tied Student at UMIST. – £180k. [more information…]
EPSRC Realising Our Potential Award – Exploration of Novel Methods for Ion Yield Enhancement in Static SIMS and Laser PI SIMS. 1 April 2000 to 31 March 2002. £103k. [more information…]
EPSRC – Commenced June 1998 – GR/L49475 The Development of a Very High Mass Polyatomic Ion Beam System for Large Molecule Desorption in Static SIMS – £190k. [more information…]
1997 Development of ToFSIMS for the study of inorganic particle surfaces and their interaction with organic materials. ICI Strategic Research Fund – £82,100. 1/3/97 to 28/2/99
1996 Wiley Static SIMS Library – Ongoing funding for updates £13,000/year
1995 SIMS Studies of heterogeneous processes on cold surfaces of relevance to stratospheric ozone depletion. NERC Atmospheric Chemistry Initiative, one year extension 1/12/95 to 30/11/96, £34,000
1995 The Development of a Unique Imaging ToFSIMS Instrument with Femtosecond Laser Postionization capabilitySurface chemical analysis of complex chemical and biochemical materials with high sensitivity at high spatial resolution. A collaborative instrumental build and application project with groups at Penn State University, the University of Nottingham and the University of Cambridge. EPSRC 1/12/95 to 30/11/99 £460,000. [more information…]
1994 Extension to Static SIMS Library Grant July 1994 to May 1995 – John Wiley & Sons, £17,000
1993 A revolutionary time-of-flight mass spectrometer. Royal Society of London, £10,000
1993 SERC Atmospheric Chemistry Initiative SIMS Studies of heterogeneous processes on cold surfaces of relevance to stratospheric ozone depletion., 1/10/93 to 30/9/95. £90,197 [more information…]
1993 SERC – Studies of high temperature alloys and duplex stainless steels by means of imaging sputtered neutral mass spectrometry. 1/10/93 to 30/9/95. £96,240 [more information…]
1993 Hoffmann La Roche – £20k for a SSIMS study of (a) the chemical structure and surface reactions of self-assembled monolayers on Si, TiO2 and gold; (b) the bonding of small peptides to polystyrene beads.
1992 Health and Safety Executive – £50k for the study of surface based detection methods for toxic molecules.
1992 Chalmers University, Gothenburg and Volvo Research – Initiation of joint projects into polymer surface modification – £9k
1992 Support from John Wiley & Sons for the launch costs (>£50k) of an International Static SIMS Database.
1992 National Physical Laboratory – £25k to support a study into the generation and reproducibility of static SIMS data.
1992 Elf – £23k to investigate the surface changes consequent on surface plasma treatments of polypropylene.
1991 SERC Catalysis Initiative – £46k with Dr Flavell for research into the preparation and catalytic reactivity behaviour of perovskite oxide materials. [more information…]
1990 Health and Safety Executive £11k to investigate the surface behaviour of conducting polymers.
1990 SERC/DTI LINK £100k of a £450k grant to research an imaging electron spectrometer with VSW Ltd, Integrated Sensors Ltd and EE&E UMIST. [more information…]
1990 SERC £40k for 3 years for research to study laser induced post-ionisation of sputtered neutrals (SNMS) as a method for quantitative surface analysis. [more information…]
1989 Through the agency of CSMA applied research grants were obtained from Kodak, Shell, Hitachi, Wolstenholme Bronze Powders, the Health and Safety Executive and ICI for reseach into a number of surface problems, total value £150 k/year.
1989 AEA Technology £150K for 1 year to fund joint research and analysis on materials problems.
1987 SERC £60,000 for a 2 year collaborative study of the adsorbate state on bimetallic catalyst surfaces using RAIRS and SSIMS with Dr. M. Chesters of the University of East Anglia. [more information…]
1986 MOD £96,600 for 3 years for surface studies of LTCVD grown silicon.
1986 ICI Joint Research Scheme project £23,500 for a 1 year extension on SIMS imaging.
1986 SERC £111,000 for 26 months for surface studies using ToF-SIMS with high spatial resolution.
1985 MOD £48,500 for 2 years for studies of LTVCD grown silicon.
1985 VG Scientific £70,000 discount on cost of developing the ToF-SIMS instrument .
1985 DTI £112, 000 Support of Innovation Grant with VG Scientific in part support of the construction and development of a time-of-flight SIMS instrument.
1984 SERC £90,000 for 3 years for dynamic SIMS studies of III-V semiconductor materials and devices with Professor Singer in Solid State Electronics at UMIST.
1984 ICI Joint Research Scheme Project £52,000 for 2 years to study high resolution chemical imaging with Dr D. Briggs of Petrochemicals and Plastics Division.
1983 SERC £75, 000 for 2 years to study the mechanism and structural significance of cluster ion emission in static SIMS.
1983 SERC £27,000 for 3 years for studies of palladium and ruthenium based catalysts utilising the combined surface analysis and catalysis unit.
1982 DTI £97,500 pump-priming grant for 3 years to establish a Surface Analysis Service to provide a commercial service based on static SIMS.
1981 SRC £106,000 for 2 years for studies of cooperative and support effects in bimetallic catalysts based on Ru utilising a combined surface science (incorporating EELS, TPD, LEED, SIMS) and high pressure catalysis unit.