Dr Joanna Denbigh

Congratulations to Jo on successfully completing her PhD ‘Lipidomic and Metabolomic Analysis of Biological Response Mechanisms in Cancer Cells: A Multidisciplinary Approach’.

Jo starts a post-doc in the area of mass spectrometry imaging in collaboration with Adam McMahon’s group at the Wolfson Molecular Imaging Centre.


Farewell and Good Luck to John

We bid fond farewell to John Fletcher who is taking up a fellowship position at the University of Gothenburg. John joined the group as a PhD student in 2001 and progressed to Post-Doc in 2004.

John Fletcher (in 2011)

In Gothenburg he will be collaborating with Andrew Ewing’s group who have a range of SIMS instrumentation and will be working on biological cells and tissue. We expect to retain a strong collaboration with John.

Goodbye and Good Luck!