Huriyyah Alturaifi

Research Student

huriyyah.alturaifi @

  • MSc Chemistry, University of Manchester, UK
  • BSc Chemistry, Saudi Arabia


I am a chemist having studied MSc Chemistry at Manchester and previously a BSc in Saudi Arabia. I have experience in organometallic chemistry having studied alkynyl organomolybdenum under the supervision of Dr Mark Whiteley. This involved the preparation and structural characterisation of various compounds using a variety of techniques including electrospray ionisation mass spectrometry, MALDI, three types of spectroscopy – IR, 13C, 1H and 31P NMR and EPR – X-ray crystallography and cyclic voltammetry. I also have some experience in imaging MALDI and imaging FTIR.

I am currently studying for a PhD under the supervision of Dr Nick Lockyer. My project involves molecular depth profiling and 3D imaging of biological materials (cells and tissue), and organic materials (polymers and organic electronics) using ToF-SIMS.


1 Synthesis and redox chemistry of cycloheptatrienyl molybdenum carbon-chain complexes featuring diimine support ligands: [Mo{(CC)nCCR}(R′NCH–CHNR′)(η-C7H7)], (n = 0 or 1)
Huriyyah A. Alturaifi, James Faulkner, James Raftery, Floriana Tuna, David Collison and Mark W. Whiteley
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 745–746 (2013) 251–257