Welcome Matija

We welcome a new PhD student, Matija Lagator from Serbia. Matija will work on the new J105-SIMS instrument. His project is entitled ‘Development of Novel High Energy Cluster Ion Beam Methodology for Molecular Analysis and Imaging’.

Dr Afnan Alnajeebi

Congratulations to Afnan on the award of her PhD entitled ‘Comparison of cluster primary ion beams for quantitative biomolecular SIMS analysis’.

Welcome to John

We welcome John Medland to the group as a PDRA on the new multiplexed ToF-SIMS project.  John joins us from the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.

MPhil for Andres

Congratulations to Andres on the award of his MPhil degree.  We look forward to welcoming him back to Manchester very soon to study for a PhD.  Hasta la vista, Andres!

Dr Joanna Denbigh

Congratulations to Jo on successfully completing her PhD ‘Lipidomic and Metabolomic Analysis of Biological Response Mechanisms in Cancer Cells: A Multidisciplinary Approach’.

Jo starts a post-doc in the area of mass spectrometry imaging in collaboration with Adam McMahon’s group at the Wolfson Molecular Imaging Centre.


Welcome to Andres

Welcome to Andres Galindo who joins the group to study biotechnology applications of ToF-SIMS and DESI.  Andres is co-supervised by Prof Sabine Flitsch.

Welcome to Samar

Samar Aldossari joins the group to work on NanoSIMS imaging of cells.  She will be jointly supervised by Dr Katie Moore in the School of Materials.

Welcome Ewa!

We welcome Ewa Szula to the group as a new PhD student working on the metabolic profiling of mammalian cells.

Welcome Kat!

We welcome Katherine Hollywood to the group as a post-doctoral researcher. Kat will be working on the application of single cell metabolite profiling to optimisation of stem cell bioprocessing as part of a collaboration with Alan Dickson, Karen Cosgrove, Mark Dunne and Roy Goodacre.

Welcome Huriyyah!

We welcome Huriyyah Alturaifi to the group as a new PhD student working on polyatomic SIMS.

Farewell and Good Luck to John

We bid fond farewell to John Fletcher who is taking up a fellowship position at the University of Gothenburg. John joined the group as a PhD student in 2001 and progressed to Post-Doc in 2004.

John Fletcher (in 2011)

In Gothenburg he will be collaborating with Andrew Ewing’s group who have a range of SIMS instrumentation and will be working on biological cells and tissue. We expect to retain a strong collaboration with John.

Goodbye and Good Luck!


Welcome back Felipe

This week we welcome back Felipe Kessler from the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil who will be with us for 12 months as part of his PhD training in SIMS.  Felipe, some of you will recall was with us for a short visit in the Autumn. Those with longer memories will be interested to know that Felipe’s PhD supervisor is Daniel Weibel who was a Post-Doc in the group in 2000-2002.

Welcome Gabriel

Today we welcome a new member to the group – Dr Gabriel Karras. Gabriel is from Greece and will be working on laser postionisation.

New student for 2012

We start 2012 by welcoming a new student to the group. Jo Denbigh joins us to work on a collaborative project with Roy Goodacre, Lipidomic and metabolomic imaging of biological response mechanisms.

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New research student

We extend a warm welcome to Irma Berrueta Razo who joins us from Mexico as a research student.