Congratulations Dr Aldossari!

Congratulations to Samar on the award of her PhD.  Her thesis entitled ‘Detection and localisation of drug molecules in biological samples using secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS)’ was co-supervised by Dr Katie Moore and employed both ToF-SIMS and NanoSIMS.

Dr Szula!

Congratulations to Ewa on being awarded her PhD!

A just reward for all her hard work. Well done!

MPhil for Andres

Congratulations to Andres on the award of his MPhil degree.  We look forward to welcoming him back to Manchester very soon to study for a PhD.  Hasta la vista, Andres!

Jo’s Graduation

Jo Graduation

A typically sunny day in Manchester!


Dr Joanna Denbigh

Congratulations to Jo on successfully completing her PhD ‘Lipidomic and Metabolomic Analysis of Biological Response Mechanisms in Cancer Cells: A Multidisciplinary Approach’.

Jo starts a post-doc in the area of mass spectrometry imaging in collaboration with Adam McMahon’s group at the Wolfson Molecular Imaging Centre.


Irma’s Graduation

Irma graduation

Dr Irma Berrueta Razo

Congratulations to Irma who has passed her PhD entitled ‘Molecular imaging of mouse brain tissue using Cluster Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry’.

We wish her well as she leaves for Dave Castner’s group at the University of Washington.

Dr Jimmy Moore

Congratulations to Jimmy on gaining his PhD in Computational Approaches for the Interpretation of ToF-SIMS Data!

Well done!

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Dr Emily Armitage

Congratulations to Emily on gaining her PhD in Systems Biology of HIF Metabolism in Cancer!

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Dr Helen Kotze

Congratulations to Helen on gaining her PhD in Systems biology of chemotherapy in hypoxia environments!

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Dr Edward Jackson

Congratulations to Ed on being awarded his PhD in Fundamentals of Spectroscopic and Spectrometric Cellular Analysis!

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Dr Rabbani

Congratulations to Sadia on her PhD graduation! Well done Dr Rabbani!

Dr Sadia Rabbani

Congratulations to Sadia on gaining her PhD in Advances in Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry for the Analysis of Single Cells on Sub-Cellular Scale!

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