New project funded

August sees the start of a new EPSRC-funded project entitled ‘Development of Multiplexed ToF-SIMS Instrumentation‘ which represents a completely new paradigm for ToF-SIMS and builds of the group’s reputation for innovation in instrument development.  The 3-year, £0.5M project involves collaborators in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Ionoptika Ltd.

Funding for novel ion beams

John and Nick have been awarded funding from EPSRC to develop novel ion beam systems. The funding, £261k, is over a two year period.

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Funding – A new dynamic in mass spectral imaging for biological systems

A new dynamic in mass spectral imaging for biological systems
PI: John C. Vickerman, CoI: Nick Lockyer, ResearchCoI: John S. Fletcher
£740k, June 2009 – May 2012. [EPSRC award: EP/G045623/1, more information …]

EPSRC have approved funding for a three year project to investigate 3D SIMS depth information and ionisation effects. This will fund two PDRAs and two PhD students and allows us to further strengthen our collaboration with Professors Nick Winograd (Penn State) and Stephen Reichenbach (University of Nebraska-Lincoln).

Ionoptika J105 3D Chemical Imager

We are please to announce the arrival of our new instrument – the Ionoptika J105 3D Chemical Imager. This ToF spectrometer incorporates revolutionary technology which we hope will allow us to take large steps in the advancement of the understanding of the SIMS process and applications.

Enhancing new developments in ToF-SIMS through researcher exchanges

New funding:
Enhancing new developments in ToF-SIMS through researcher exchanges
We have been successful in securing EPSRC funds to bring expert researchers to Manchester and to send some of our group to the USA and The Netherlands. Later this year we will be hosting Professor Stephen Reichenbach from Nebraska University for three months and we will also be welcoming back Professors Nick Winograd and Barbara Garrison from Penn State University. Alex will be travelling to Nebraska next year and John (F) will be exchanging with a colleague from Professor Ron Heeren‘s group in Amsterdam. There is also funding for Professor Roger Webb of Surrey University to visit Penn State. [EPSRC award: EP/F012985/1, more information …]