We had 7 oral presentations at the SIMSXVIII conference in Riva del Garda, Italy. A very sucessful meeting.

Invited talk at BMSS

Nick gave an invited presentation at the British Mass Spectrometry Society 2011 conference in Cardiff.

Keynote – Metabolomics 2011

Nick gave a keynote presentation on “Developments in biological analysis and imaging using Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry” at the Metabolomics 2011 conference, Cairns, Australia.

Most accessed article

John Wiley and Sons have informed us that our paper A comparison of PCA and MAF for ToF-SIMS image interpretation by Alex, John (F) and John (V), is one of the most accessed articles of 2009 in the field of Analytical Chemistry. See here for the listing and here to download the paper (free).

Dr Sadia Rabbani

Congratulations to Sadia on gaining her PhD in Advances in Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry for the Analysis of Single Cells on Sub-Cellular Scale!

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Theophilus Redwood Award 2009


John Vickerman has been awarded the prestigous Theophilus Redwood Award 2009 by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Awarded for his outstanding contribution to the development and application of secondary ion mass spectrometry techniques for surface analysis and 3D chemical imaging of organic and biological systems.”

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Most accessed article

The Journal of Biophotonics list Classification of fixed urological cells using Raman tweezers on which Alex is a co-author, as one of their most accessed articles of 2009-10. See here for the listing and here to download the paper (free).

Theophilus Redwood Lecture Tour

Lecture tour:
Following his award of the RSC Theophilus Redwood prize, John began his lecture tour with a presentation at the University of Warwick entitled,
Is 2D and 3D mass spectral molecular imaging with sub-micron resolution a realistic prospect?

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Danish Mass Spec Society

The Danish Society for Mass Spectrometry have invited John F to give a keynote talk at their forthcoming annual meeting. [More…]

Most cited articles

The American Chemical Society have informed us that our paper on TOF-SIMS 3D Biomolecular Imaging of Xenopus laevis Oocytes Using Buckminsterfullerene (C60) Primary Ions by John (F), Nick, Raman and John (V), is one of the most cited articles published in their journal Analytical Chemistry in 2007. See here for the listing and here to download the paper.

Chemical Biology Research Articles

Our recent article on Discrimination of Prostate Cancer Cells and Non-malignant Cells using Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry, published in The Analyst and presenting some work by Matt and Ehsan, has been selected for inclusion in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Chemical Biology Research Articles virtual journal. This virtual journal brings together all chemical biology literature from more than 15 RSC journals in order to raise its visibility and profile in the chemical biology community.

Enhancing new developments in ToF-SIMS through researcher exchanges

New funding:
Enhancing new developments in ToF-SIMS through researcher exchanges
We have been successful in securing EPSRC funds to bring expert researchers to Manchester and to send some of our group to the USA and The Netherlands. Later this year we will be hosting Professor Stephen Reichenbach from Nebraska University for three months and we will also be welcoming back Professors Nick Winograd and Barbara Garrison from Penn State University. Alex will be travelling to Nebraska next year and John (F) will be exchanging with a colleague from Professor Ron Heeren‘s group in Amsterdam. There is also funding for Professor Roger Webb of Surrey University to visit Penn State. [EPSRC award: EP/F012985/1, more information …]

Most Cited Paper

Thomson Scientific have recently acknowledged that our article introducing C60 as a primary ion source for ToF-SIMS, published in Analytical Chemistry in 2003, is one of the most cited papers in the field of Materials Science with 106 citations. Check out the article in ESI-Special Topics!

Full reference:
A C60 Primary Ion Beam System for Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry: Its Development and Secondary Ion Yield Characteristics.
Weibel, Daniel; Wong, Steve; Lockyer, Nicholas; Blenkinsopp, Paul; Hill, Rowland; Vickerman, John C.
Analytical Chemistry 75 (2003) 1754-1764 [go there now…]

Thomson’s Essential Science Indicators – Special Topics

Fast Breaking Comment:
Thomson’s Essential Science Indicators – Special Topics
“John Vickerman answers a few questions about this fast breaking paper in the field of Chemistry.” more…