Giles C. Edwards

Giles Edwards

Research Student

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  • MChem in Chemistry – Liverpool John Moores University
  • IT Support Engineer – South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust
  • Research Officer – Liverpool John Moores University
  • Technical Support Specialist – Waters Corporation
  • Director of Scientific Research Centre – University of Nizwa
  • Founder Trustee – Recycling Organisation for Research OpportunitiesRecycling Organisation for Research Opportunities


Prior to completing my part time chemistry undergraduate course I ran a successful lawn-mowing business, worked as an church organ tuner’s assistant, and acted as a British Gas customer services representative, whilst studying computer networking and data coms. at evening school.  During my chemistry studies I worked for the NHS doing second line user/system support including networking and VoIP.  I have always had an interest in troubleshooting systems and this developed with my increased interest in more complex scientific analytical instrumentation.  After the completion of my MChem I worked as a research officer and was responsible for assisting pharmacy and chemistry research students with their final year projects and also the calibration and maintenance of a variety of analytical instruments from thermal analysis (DSC, TGA) through to NMR.  I also ran the accurate mass LC/MS service and the magnetic sector GC/MS.

Following on from my time at Liverpool John Moores University I joined the Waters Corporation working for the Global Services Support group resolving technical enquiries from their mass spectrometry field service engineers.  This job involved creating training and troubleshooting material for the engineers, working with new product integration and also attending escalated customer sites globally to assist the local engineers with corrective maintenance. Application support was also a key part of the job role specialising in the GC and LC tandem quadrupole mass spectrometry products.

An interesting job opportunity presented itself in the Sultanate of Oman at the newly formed University of Nizwa.  The job involved the establishment of the multidisciplinary scientific research centre; instrumentation included a variety of chromatographs, AAS, mass spectrometers and also surface analysis including SEM and TEM.  I was also responsible for facilitating the principal investigators projects within the centre, mentoring final year students and also creating and running training courses for the local ministries with a view to developing their analytical capabilities and instigating potential collaborations.

Upon returning to the UK from Oman it became clear to me that I would rather work and remain in academia than industry.  My current project with the Surface Analysis Research Centre involves the advancement of bioanalytical laser ionisation mass spectrometry instrumentation and applications.  This work mainly involves Laser-post-ionisation Sputtered Neutral Mass Spectrometry (L-SNMS). I am mainly based in the Photon Science Institute using a variety of light sources including a femtosecond titanium sapphire ultra-fast laser system coupled to a Biotof TOF-SIMS instrument with gold and C60 primary ion guns.

During my spare time I founded and continue to volunteer for a registered charity that deploys sophisticated analytical instrumentation (mainly mass spectrometry systems) to academics in developing nations.  This role has enabled me to continue my travels and share my enthusiasm for mass spectrometry with academics that would otherwise not have access to instrumentation, assisting with top down capacity building.  Music has played a major part in my life alongside my scientific endeavours; I am a classically trained pianist and teach the piano’ as well as playing the organ and a variety of synthesisers.


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