Ewa Szula

Ewa Szula

Research Student

ewa.szula @ postgrad.manchester.ac.uk
Twitter: @ewaszula


I am BBSRC DTP funded student and am undertaking research into Metabolic profiling of mammalian cells – towards single cell characterization. The project will have an industrial biotechnology focus and the aim of it is to develop new techniques, including ToF-SIMS and MALDI-MS, for analyzing metabolites of mammalian cells.

After graduation from the AHE Centre of Postgraduate Education and University of Lodz with a Masters Degree in Medical Biophysics and Bioinformatics, where I had an opportunity to participate in many scientific and social events, became a member of a Polish Fellowship of Biochemistry as well as took part in International Student Exchange, I started to work for biopharmaceutical company.

For one year I worked for a R&D MABION SA where I had a chance to acknowledge analytical work in GLP environment for therapeutic monoclonal antibody analysis and method validation as well as take part in analytical method development for a clinical programme and production process quality control. Additionally, I was responsible for gaining detailed documentation where rules under GLP system were applied.

I am more than happy to take part in the project and work in international environment where I can improve my research activity and bring new insight to science.


  1. How does the antineoplastic drug work in normal cells? A comparison of the activity of Epothilone B and Paclitaxel in ovarian normal cell line.
    1st International Biophysics Students’ Conference, Krakow, Poland
  2. Epothilone A – effect on ovarian cancer cells: comparison to paclitaxel.
    International Conference on analytical methods to study oxidative damage, antioxidants and drugs, Bialystok, Poland


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2 Activation of apoptotic pathway in normal, cancer ovarian cells by epothilone B
Aneta Rogalska, Ewa Szula, Arkadiusz Gajek, Agnieszka Marczak and Zofia Jóźwiak
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1 Nowe związki stabilizujace mikrotubule (MSA) pozyskiwane z organizmów morskich - przyszłość chemioterapii (Novel agents stabilizing microtubule (MSA) from marine organisms – the future of chemotherapy)
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